Program Introduction

The Extension School of Continuing Education (SCE) of National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) is well known for Mandarin Teaching and Learning. Apart from holding OCAC Language Study Program for Expatriate Youth, SCE also owns impressive history of holding Mandarin teacher workshops. In order to attract international students, SCE has designed a series of activities for students who are interested in Mandarin learning and Chinese culture in “Amazing Formosa.” Welcome to join us!

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 Session 1:June 19 ~ July 7, 2023  (FULL,  new registrations will be put on the standby)

 Session 2:July 10 ~ July 28, 2023  (FULL,  new registrations will be put on the standby)

 Session 3:July 31 ~ August 18, 2023 (Sure to be held, Still Enrolling)

 Program Time:

 Mon. to Fri. 09:00-16:30

 (Accommodation provided from Mon-Sunday)





 Students between 13~24 years old, interested in Mandarin and Chinese culture.
 (Students under 13 years old please refer to our summer camp program 2023 Little Master—Mandarin Summer  Camp

 ※The students will have the free time after class and on the Weekends, self-care skill are necessary. Once the  registration is completed, it indicates students have confirmed that they are responsible for their behavior  and security after the class and on the weekends. During the free time, the students are allowed to leave  campus while they have to return to dormitory before curfew( by 22:30pm).


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 (Extra payment of NT$1,000 for registration fee/each session)

 -(Includes accommodation, textbooks, field trips and three meals from Monday to Friday)

 *Early Bird:Before Jan 31, 2023
 *Former student
 *Student who register by groups (five or more people)
 *Student who attends two or more sessions per study tour

 Any discounts cannot be combined with the others.


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 National Taiwan Normal University Library Campus and Main Campus


 129, Section 1, Heping E. Rd., Taipei City 106, Taiwan

 162, Section 1, Heping E. Rd., Taipei City 106, Taiwan

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 Application Period

 The online registration is available now.

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 Program Features

 ◎Professional teachers, small-sized classes !

   We arrange a placement test to divide students into different Chinese proficiency levels. Small-sized Mandarin   classes aimed at communication, conversation-oriented ones.

 ◎Activities & culture experience!

   In addition to Mandarin classes, Culture classes are provided, such as Calligraphy, Kung-fu, Traditional toy, Dough Figurine, Chinese yo-yo, Chinese knot, Chinese painting, paper cutting, etc.

   The Chinese-speaking environment is expected to improve  motivation, creativity and intelligence of students'.

 ◎University campus, safe and academic environment!

    Locating in the center of Taipei city, NTNU provides a safe environment with sufficient learning resources.

 ◎Culture topic & Taipei field trips & Graduation trip !

   In addition to culture experience classes, we arrange special courses introducing Hakka culture, aboriginal culture, Chinese chess and Chinese food, etc.

   Furthermore, Fields trips and Graduation trip will also enable students to experience the richness of Chinese culture and beauty of Taiwan.

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 Course Introduction

  Hello Chinese :The professional Mandarin teachers design an immersion Mandarin learning environment to improve their Expression & Competitiveness.

  Group Activities:Chinese group activities to enhance student’s Teamwork & Creativity

  Culture Topics:Taiwanese culture, aboriginal culture, Chinese food classes to help students realize the wisdom of ancestors in the history.

  Field Trips:Students get to experience Taiwanese culture & art, historic artifacts, traditional cuisine, and natural scenery through these tours, such as the travel to Jiufen, Tamsui, Pingxi, etc. 

  which is beneficial to cultivate excellent Exploration & Inspiration.

  COVID-19 Prevention:NTNU will keep abreast of the latest news and update the relevant regulations based on the infection control advised by Taiwan Centers for Disease Control.

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 Program schedule (The schedule may be subject to change by NTNUSCE)

 ※Arrange activities on every Tuesday & Thursday night, optional attendance.


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 Student Eligibility

 Designed for foreign students (groups of 15 or more, 14-24 years old) who are interested in learning Mandarin and Chinese culture.

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 According to the group’s demand.

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 Course planning

 The course consists of Mandarin learning, Culture appreciation, folk arts and traveling, etc. The programs may be subject to change as needed.

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 Please contact us for more information.

 *Contact Person: Ms. Zhang