【winter camp】

Program Introduction


☆Student Eligibility

 Students between 6~9 years old, interested in Mandarin and Chinese culture

(Students over 14 years old please refer to our study tour program Amazing

   Formosa—2019 Amazing Formosa Mandarin Study Tour



  Dec.16~Dec.27.2019 (2 weeks)

  Mon. to Fri. 09:00-16:00

  Field Trips : 09:00-17:00






( Need to pay extra NT$1,000 for registration fee.)

Winter Camp Dec 16 ~ Dec.27,2019


per session

(2 weeks)

The tuition  covers

the expenses of

textbook, field trips,

dessert and lunch.



◎Professional teachers, small-sized classes & thematic learning!

 All teachers own profound knowledge and abundant experience in teaching children. They will teach Mandarin with diverse and interesting themes, such as games, songs and Chinese food.


Workshops & Activities & Culture experience!

In addition to Mandarin class, we have Culture class, such as Kung-fu,

Chinese yo-yo, Taiwan cuisine, paper cutting, etc. We also arrange 

“Little-Master courses” which will improve students' learning motivation

and stimulate students' creativity and intelligence.


◎University campus, safe and academic environment!

Locating in the center of Taipei city, NTNU provides a safe environment with sufficient learning resources.  The program consists of a variety of field trips as well, that is, visiting Ocean World, Chocolate Wonderland, Taipei Zoo and so on.



Level Goal

Daily idioms & Pinyin.

Advanced Daily  conversation & reading and writing skills.

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Course Introduction


          Title                                       Subject
Orientation Registration.
Placement tests
Welcome party and Opening ceremony
Mandarin Classes Classes for different level
Culture Class Chinese culture classes, such asChinese yo-yo, Chinese calligraphy, Crafts DIY, etc.
Little-Master Courses In addition to traditional culture classes, science, magic, art classes and yoga games are arranged as Little-Master activities to inspire students’ creativity and intelligence.
Culture topic and Group activities  Arrange camp activities about traditional food and Chinese character to upgrade students’ communication skills.
Field Trips Experience Taiwan culture & art, historic artifacts, traditional cuisine, and scenery through these tours. Trips are subject to change if needed.

Course Schedule

NTNUSCE reserves the right to change the scheduleis .

Course Schedule