• How to apply the visiting student

First, log in and check the documents required for your application for visiting student. Then print the application and send the requirements with it to NTNU Extension,School of Continuing Education.

  • What is the different between the exchange student and the visiting student

The visiting students have to pay the tuition and rent the house, but the exchange students dont.

  • How to find the instructor

If you want to stud the undergraduate, you have to inform the assistant

of the department which you want to study. You can check this page.

If you want to join the Graduate Instiute, you have to ask the professor

who will be your instructor. You can ask the assistant of the Graduate

Instiute. You can check this page.

  • What is the tuition will charge

Please check the Registry website.

Tuition(undergraduate students):http://www.aa.ntnu.edu.tw/en/charges/super_pages.php?ID=0charges101&Sn=83

Tuition(M.A.&Ph.D students):http://www.aa.ntnu.edu.tw/en/charges/super_pages.php?ID=0charges201

  • How and when do we know the list of admission

We will send it to you by e-mail.

  • How long can the visiting student study in the NTNU

One session usually, and you can extend one year at most.

  • Could I apply for the NTNUS exchange student if our school dont make the deal of Sister school with NTNU

Sorry, you just can apply for the NTNUS visiting student.

  • What do I prepare for entering Taiwan if I am a student from Mainland China

1.     申请书(请于word檔中填写个人资料后回传word)

2.     身分证复印件(JPEG/JPG)


3.     在学证明(JPEG/JPG)

4.     大头照(JPEG/JPG)


Please prepare the entry form and requirement and check this page.

  • Could I apply the NTNUS scholarship 

Sorry. Scholarship does not offer to exchange student or visiting student

  • Could I apply the pick-up service 

Please email your flight information to Mr. Chiu (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) before one month.

The pick-up service  cost NT$1,200 .