Heping campus162, Heping East Road Section 1, Taipei, Taiwan

Heping  campus — no.162 school campus












Heping  campus — no.129 school campus




MRTGuting Station

Tamsui LineZhonghe LineXindian Line, Guting Station Exit 5 Walk alongside Heping East Road for 8 minutes


MRTTaipower Building Station

Xindian Line Taipower Building Station Station Exit 4 Walk alongside Shi Da Road for 10 minutes


MRTDongmen Station

Station Exit 4 Walk alongside Li-Shui Road for 8minutes



BUSbus no.1518235237278295662663672907Heping Main LineN.T.N.U,N.T.N.U-Union Buildingcan arrive NTNU.

HighwayNationalFreeway No.1 :Yuanshan Interchange->Jianguo Elevated Road->Turn right to Heping East Road->N.T.N.U

HighwayNationalFreeway No.3:Muzha Interchange->Xinhai Road-> turn right to Roosevelt Road-> Turn right to Heping East Road->N.T.N.U

Ankeng Interchange->Huanhe N-S Expressway->Shuiyuan Expressway->Turn right to Shi Da Road-> N.T.N.U










The Living environment surrounded the campus is convenient, no matter what the eat, drink, play, music, everything is completed. You can take a walk for 3 minutes to the famous Shida Night Market, the Xu fried package, lanterns foods which are famos have become representative of the night market.

You can take a walk for 15 minutes to Taian Forest Park and Democracy Memorial Hall. Various events and exhibitions will be often organized over there. Jianguo Holiday Flower and Jade Market is always held on holiday to let the people have a good choice for strolling, and many epidemic jewelry, clothing, can be purchased in this area.




Shida Night Market

Democracy Memorial Hall



Jianguo Holiday Flower Market

Jianguo Holiday Jade Market