Payment agreement (繳費同意書)

The applicant student has permission to attend the NTNU Visiting Student. He/she also understands that it is the responsibility of the NTNU staff to ensure the safety of all students. NTNU cannot be held liable if the applicant student does not abide by camp rules or acts in an unsafe manner. NTNU staff will handle all situations according to camp rules.

After charging on-line, an auto-reply email will be sent to your contact email address. Avoid missing the auto-reply, if you do not receive the auto-reply email within 72 hours following the submission please contact us to confirm whether your application has been received.

3.線上刷卡僅能使用VISA、MASTER CARD、JCB之信用卡。
The online payment system only accepts VISA, Master Card, or JCB credit cards.

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