NTNU-SCE Mandarin Online E Camp
Application and Payment Agreement

  1. 學員自願參加遠距教學課程,且遵守上課、請假等規定,如不遵守規定而造成損失,願自行負責。
    Students enrolled in the Online classes are required to abide by the regulations of attendance or absence, and they are responsible for the consequences caused by their behaviors.

  2. 主辦單位保有將活動過程攝影及錄製存檔及公開播放的權利。
    NTNU-SCE reserves the right to record all of the activities via photographs, videos or any other media during the period of the camp and use the files with discretion.

  3. 本單位保留其調整及異動課程之權利;因故停課或取消活動之事宜請詳見常見問題
    The schedules and activities are subject to change by NTNU-SCE. The courses may be cancelled due to force majeure (such as typhoons, earthquakes, etc.). For more details, please refer to the Q&A.

  4. 線上報名完成後,回覆信件立刻自動寄至申請者所填寫之連絡電子郵件信箱,為避免因系統設定等因素而無法成功遞達而延誤報名,若在送出線上報名7天內未收到回覆信件,請盡速與我們連絡。
    After submitting the on-line application, an auto-reply email will be sent to you by email. If you do not receive the auto-reply email in 7 days, please contact us asap.

  5. 完成線上報名並非表示報名完成,必須完成其回覆信之說明事項始完成報名。若未在其所指示之期限內完成所有報名程序,包含線上刷卡繳費,則視同棄權,本單位則有權將其名額給候補名單。
    The application will NOT be considered finished until all processes indicated in the auto-reply have been accomplished. The application process and the Credit Cards online payment should be completed before the deadline or the quota will be made available for other candidates.

  6. 本活動訊息一律採電子郵件通知。課前通知將於課程開始前一週寄至報名時所填之連絡電子郵件信箱,若報名成功者於開課一週前仍未收到該通知,或有任何問題,請主動聯絡我們,否則本單位將視同已收獲通知並充分了解其內容。
    The camp and study tour event information will be delivered via email. The Information Package will be sent one week before the start of the program. If you do not receive the Information Package one week after submitting the application, or if there are any questions about our camp, please contact us as soon as possible.

  7. 國立臺灣師範大學進修推廣學院退費標準:開課前申請退費,退九成;課程進行未達1/3申請退費,退五成;課程進行超過1/3,不退費。如經繳費後申請退費,相關手續費皆由學員自行負擔,手續費於退款金額中扣除,並以匯款或刷退方式進行退費,退費手續將於課程進行1/3後開始辦理,退費者預計將於辦理退費手續後的一個月收到退費款項。(報名費恕不退費)
    The refund policy of National Taiwan Normal University Extension, School of Continuing Education is as below:
    • Condition 1: 90% of the tuition fee will be refunded for applications submitted before the first day of the program.
    • Condition 2: 50% of the tuition fee will be refunded for applications submitted before 1/3 of the program has been completed.
    • Condition 3: No refunds will be given to applications submitted after 1/3 of the program has been completed.*Besides, the students need to afford the handling charges by themselves. All handling charges will be deducted from the refund, and the refund will be paid by remittance or credit card. The refunding processes will be initiated after 1/3 of the courses have been completed, and the students will receive the refund around one month.
    • The registration fee will not be refunded.

  8. 課程重要注意事項:
    • 上課請自行準備電腦、麥克風、耳機等相關設備。
    • 上課請務必準時,遲到請自行負責,恕不延長上課時間、補課或退費。
    • 正式開始上課ㄧ週前會以電子郵件通知測試設備時間,以確認您的設備和網路,如有任何資訊設備問題,請提早解決及更換;正式上課後,若有任何設備問題,經確認後若非本單位的問題,恕無法補課及退費。
    • 請假視同缺課,恕無法補課及退費。
    • 若有任何問題,請提早與我們聯繫。
    • Students must prepare notebook computers, microphones, and earphones by themselves.
    • The students should attend the class on time. If the students are late for classes, the course will not be extended and no make-up classes will be offered.
    • The test information about internet connection will be sent two weeks before the first day of the program by email to make sure your devices and internet connection have worked properly. If your software or hardware settings have any problems, please renew them before the class. Please note that NTNU SCE is not responsible for any technical issues.
    • Classes will not be extended and no make-up classes will be offered.
    • The leave request is regarded as absence, classes will not be extended and no make-up classes will be offered.
    • If you have any questions, please contact us in advance.

  9. 報名人數如未達開課標準,本單位保留開班異動之權利,未開班課程全額退費,但銀行手續費需由報名者自行支付。
    NTNU-SCE reserves the right to cancel the course if the number of applicants does not reach the minimum number. Then, the course tuition will be refunded, while the handling charges will be paid by applicants. Thank you for your understanding.

  10. 以上同意事項如有任何增訂或修改之處,本單位將不做個別通知。如您於公告後繼續使用本課程之網站,則視同您已同意該修訂條款。
    Any issues or modification will be updated on the website. Please note that we will not notify each change of the guidelines individually. If you continue visiting our website after the guidelines have been announced, it is considered you agree with the regulations of the service guidelines.

  11. 請確認所填寫之各項資料皆正確填寫無誤,如確認無誤並完成繳費,即視為填表人同意本校依據「個人資料蒐集、處理及利用告知聲明」蒐集個人資訊。
    Please confirm that all the information you fill in is correct. Once you submit and finish the payment process, it will be considered that you have agreed the NTNU personal information collection based on the “Personal Information Collection, Processing, and Use Notification Statement.

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