User Guide

Technical imformation

※Please prepare the following equipment before the class:

1.PC、Notebook or iPad




◆In addition, smartphone or iPad is a must as well for the activities in the class.

※To avoid internet speed affecting the course, please conduct the bandwidth test in advance【】. The suggested Download Speed is above 10 Mbps, and the Upload Speed shall be above 2 Mbps.

※Systems and browsers supported by the online teaching of this course:

1.Systems:MS Windows、Linux、Google(Android)、Apple(iOS)。

2.Browsers:Google Chrome、Safari、Internet Explorer、Firefox。

※The Google Meet will be used during the period of the camp.

1. Please make sure your personal google account is valid.(Google Chrome is suggested).

2. Please make sure the internet speed is stable during the class to assure the learning quality.

3. A detailed operation manual will be provided later.

※We will notify the participants by email to test your equipment one week before the start of the camp.

※If there are any other inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact person:Ms. Zhang