驚艷臺灣師大華語遊學團 Mandarin Study Tour繳費同意書





NTNU-SCE Study Tour

Application and Payment Agreement



The applicant student has permission to attend the NTNU-SCE Study Tour. The student also understands that it is the responsibility of the NTNU-SCE staff to ensure the safety of all students. NTNU-SCE cannot be held liable if the applicant student does not abide by camp rules or acts in an unsafe manner. NTNU-SCE staff will handle all situations according to camp rules.



The NTNU-SCE reserves the right to record participants' activities via photographs, videos and/or any other media during the period of the camp or tour and use the files at its discretion.



I agree to complete and handle pre-departure procedures such as application for entry visas to Taiwan and enrollment of overseas insurance in my home country.



Class schedules and activities are subject to change by the NTNU-SCE. Courses or activities may be cancelled due to force majeure (unforeseen circumstances such as typhoons, earthquakes, etc). For details, please consult Frequently Asked Questions.



After submitting the on-line application, an auto-reply email will be sent to your contact email address. If you do not receive the auto-reply email within 7 days following the submission, please contact us to confirm whether your application has been received.



Applications are NOT considered complete until all processes indicated in the auto-reply have been fulfilled. The application process, including Credit Cards online payment, should be completed before the deadline indicated on the website. If the processes have not been completed, the application is still incomplete and the seat will be made available to the waiting list.



The camp and study tour event information will be delivered via email. The Information Package will be sent in a week before the first day of the course to the contact email address. If the Information Package has not been received after applying in a week, or if there are any questions about our camp or tour, please contact us as soon as possible. Unless we are contacted, the NTNU-SCE will assume the applicant has received all information.








The refund policy of National Taiwan Normal University Extension, School of Continuing Education:

*Condition 1: 90% of the tuition fee will be refunded for applications submitted before the first day of the program.

*Condition 2: 50% of the tuition fee will be refunded for applications submitted before 1/3 of the program has been completed.

*Condition 3: No refunds will be given for applications submitted after 1/3 of program is completed.

(All the refund work will work in process after the program begins.)

*Besides, if there are any handling charges of the refund processes, the students have to pay by themselves. All handling charges will be deduct by refund, and refund way is by remittance.The refund processes will be started from the 1/3 of courses, the students will receive the refund for about one month after processing.

*The registration fee will not be refund.



No make-up class will be held and no refund will be made for class suspension due to natural disasters, such as typhoons or earthquake.(Course cancellation will follow the announcements by the Taipei City Government.)



The NTNU-SCE reserves the right to cancel the course without any date-change due to the number of applicants hasn't reaches the standard for the course to begin. In this condition, the course tuition will be refund, but all handling charges will be paid by applicants. Thank you for your understanding.



Everyone is required to follow the camp rules, NTNU-SCE could decide to flunk someone out of the program who breaking the rule. If anyone is injured or suffered loss due to ignorance of the rules, we will take no responsibility. If anyone commits a crime or gets involved in serious incidents, domestic criminal procedures according to the R.O.C. constitution will be followed.

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